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 Inspecting Septic Systems

Inspecting Septic Systems for Real Estate Transactions in Lexington

If you have plans to either buy or sell a home with a septic system, it is of the utmost importance that you schedule a real estate septic inspection. Many have been surprised to learn that even newer systems can be a source of problems, and the only way to know the condition of a tank is to have it professionally inspected. C.E. Taylor and Son, Inc. offers escrow septic inspections, a two-page report and OSSF certification to clients in the greater Lexington area. Buyers, sellers and real estate agents alike can benefit from a report on the condition of a property’s septic system.

Benefits of a Professional Inspection

There are a number of benefits to investing in a full inspection of a property's sewage system before purchasing or selling a home:
  • Detect any problems before entering a transaction
  • Have repairs done before moving in or out
  • Ensure the home is habitable and sewage system is safe
  • Install a replacement if major problems are present

Contact Us Before You Buy or Sell

Failing to maintain a septic system can quickly cause it to fall into disrepair. If you are buying or selling a home with a tank, it is essential that you know the status of its condition. The only reliable way to obtain this information is to have a real estate septic inspection done by a professional contractor. C.E. Taylor and Son, Inc. offers this and emergency septic pumping  to clients in the greater Lexington area. You can trust us for any service need your system has. Reach out to us at 803-359-6163 to schedule an appointment for your residential inspection or other service.